Mines better than yours.

To me this image sums up the way most people perceive their own religion.


The fight goes on…

I photographed one of the many Anti-Foie Gras Demos that have been taking place around Los Angeles recently. The demos are in response to a recent judges decision to overthrow the ban that took hold in 2012. No matter what side of this issue you fall on there is one thing for certain, the ducks and geese that are going to suffer the outcome will not be heard.

Triple Threat

The neighborhood of Baldwin Park can be quite uneventful at times but surprises are always waiting around corners or in my case in parking lots. The other day I happen to be shooting a little corner market and realized I was being observed from inside the store. Before I could drop the camera from my eye there were two men approaching me. When they were close enough they began their interrogation. After about five minutes of pleading my case I eventually walked away but not before giving them my business card and waiting for them to verify that I was just a harmless photog and not some devious competitor. These gentlemen would not respond nor listen to anything I had to say. It seemed like they were on a mission to prove me wrong. To say the least it was frustrating and a bit discouraging (not that I’m going to change tactics). At the end of the day though these episodes are more amusing than anything else.

This image was one of a few findings on my trip.

Enjoy yours…